Monday, June 6, 2022

Project Lo - Dabblings In Darkness (1995)


The debut album from this US band.

The band was a duo with a lineup of guitars and bass.

They got help from some guests who provided drums, saxophone, guitars and some keyboards.

This jazz combo released two albums before they gave up the ghost. The second one was released in 1997. It is an album I do not have.

Dabbling In Darkness gives us almost an hour full of jazz.

The jazz is pretty mainstream. It is also pretty melodic and it is full of interesting details. It is one of those albums who makes progheads like myself wonder if the jazz scene offers a lot for us progheads.

And it does.

The music is indeed pretty much leaning towards fusion too and offers up some really good stuff even for those not really into hardcore jazz.

The result is a good album indeed.

Check it out.

3 points

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