Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Congreso - Para Los Arqueólogos Del Futuro (1989)

The ninth album from this band from Chile.

The band was a nine piece big band with a lineup of drums, percussion, marimba, bass, cello, guitars, saxophones, recorder, flute, synths, piano and vocals.

A children choir also added their voices.

This band was still going strong and released their ninth album.

You never really know what you get from a Congreso album. Well, in those times, anyway. 

This time, we find Congreso in a jazzy mood. Jazz with some funky vocals and melodies. The piano delivers some really stuff who hits fusion heads straight in their/our hearts. 

There are also some more pastoral folk stuff here. Folk music combined with jazz.

The quality is good throughout and this makes this a good, enjoyable album. This is an album well worth checking out.

3 points




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