Monday, December 20, 2021

Salander - Crash Course For Dessert (2014)

The debut album from this British duo.

The band is Dave Curnow on guitars and vocals + Dave Smith on drums programming, bass, keyboards and vocals.

This band has so far released four albums and I have got three of them. I will review the two others in the coming weeks.

This album is a mix of fish and birds....

Large parts of this album is neo-prog with some rock influences. The songs are long but not particular intricate. Pink Floyd springs to mind.

That is the opening of this album. The middle part is techno with vocals. It is abysmal and ugly.

The final part is again somewhere near Pink Floyd.

I am not impressed by the music, the vocals and the mix of this album. It is almost a turkey, but the neo-prog is rather fairly good. 

This is not a good start on a career.

1.5 points



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