Thursday, January 20, 2022

Mold. Colin - Water of Divinity (2007)


The debut album from this British artist.

Colin Mold did the drums, guitars, bass, keyboards and vocals himself here.

Colin Mold has released three albums and I did a review of his second album for # 1 of this blog many years ago. That album, The Girl On The Castle Step opus from 2012, is regarded as his best album. It is indeed a very good album.

Colin Mold's music on this album is a mix of symphonic prog, Pink Floyd and the likes of Camel. Add a lot of folk rock too and you get it.

Very elegant music with lots of long guitar solos and some good vocals.

This album is fifty minutes long and it really fills the airwaves with elegance and sugar.

The music is not overly eclectic. It is really melodic and elegant.

This is a good album too, bordering to very good.

This is a more than welcome debut album and one to check out.

3 points



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