Monday, November 29, 2021

Ovni - Salvadoreno / Alien (2011)

The fifth album from this band from El Salvador.

The band was a.... I do not know as there is no info about this band besides of them having released seven albums so far.

The band should really be more open about who they are and who does what on the different albums. I want to support them but that is not possible.

This album is a double CD with over two hours and ten minutes with music.

The music is everything from progressive metal to more classical music. This album also includes good old rock'n'roll, pop, rock and some fusion too.

It is like a compilation album with many different bands. 

I am not sure what this band is all about as this album is both long and pretty confusing.

The music is pretty poor too. Half of the music is decent though. I cannot recommend this album to anyone, though. It is too much all over the place and the quality is no more than decent.

1.5 points




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