Thursday, June 16, 2022

Ozric Tentacles - Spirals in Hyperspace (2004)

The 16th album from this English band.

This album is essentially an Ed Wynne studio album. He does keyboards, programming and guitars here.

He got help from around ten guests, including Steve Hillage, who provided drums, bass, programming, guitars, samples, percussion, flute and synths.

The album is still released under the Ozric Tentacles flag/name and deserve some attention.

The various guests has added their influences and that makes this album a bit more varied and kicking in all directions than a true band album.

There is some African music here, some ambient, some more dub, electronica, space rock and some acid instrumental rock.

This during this seventy minutes long album. An album not exactly full of guitars.

The quality is not bad. Neither is this a good album.

Half of this album is decent enough and half of it is a good album. It is still an album well worth checking out.

2.5 points





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