Friday, August 27, 2021

Ozric Tentacles - Tantric Obstacles (1985)

The second album from this English band.

The band was a sextet with a lineup of drums, percussion, bass, guitars and synths.

I have got around seventeen of their twenty-one albums to review. That will take me well into next year, I guess. 

Ozric Tentacles is a space rock band who comes from the south coast of England. They have released a lot of albums and gigged a lot too. They are still active and I have always been curious about them.

Hence this upcoming list of reviews.

The band has been compared to Hawkwind. That is not evident on this album where there is a lot of ambient and dub in addition to some pretty gentle space rock.

The music is indeed very laid back and I relaxing.

There is a lot of subtle details on this album and some of them are decent to good. But most of this album is decent enough.

This is not a bad album at all.

2 points




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