Sunday, April 17, 2022

Melange - Viento Bravo (2017)

The second album from this band from Spain.

The band is a quintet with a lineup of drums, percussion, bass, bouzouki, guitars, piano, electric piano, organ, synths and vocals.

Three guests added triangle, handclaps and voice.

I really could not stand the dull, boring self-titled debut album from 2016. An album that I still use against insomnia. 

I had no confidence in the follow up Viento Bravo...... None whatsover.

The music is a mix of fusion, psych and progressive rock with a lot of Spanish folk rock and pop incorporated. 

The music is pretty laidback and sunny. It has a positive sound, indeed.

The music is still very dynamic and full of interesting details. So much that I wonder if this is the same band as the one who released that horror album the year before.

The vocals are really good and the band also gets going on some parts that sounds improvised and jazzy. 

This is indeed a good album. Unfortunate, this seems to be their final album too. What a shame....

3 points

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