Sunday, October 10, 2021

Leirånes. Marius - Langtidsperspektiv (2021)

The debut album from this Norwegian artist.

Marius did the guitars, keyboards and most other instruments himself.

He had help from four other guests who added guitars, synths, drums and bass.

Marius Leiranes is a member of the Norwegian band Pixie Ninja. This album has been produced by the Norwegian stalwart Jacob Holm-Lupo and the guests are from White Willow and other bands.

This instrumental album is about his own family farm Leiranes and it's history. The farm is still there and owned by his family.

I totally get this concept as it is also my own personal history..... although I come from my father's and my mother's farms on the west coast of Norway. Both these has similar stories to tell.

I would have told these stories in a novel/book but Marius has chosen an instrumental piece of dark progressive rock to tell the story.

The music is pretty somber and it has some electronica too. As a piece of music, this half an hour long album works.

The music is good. It is also as somber as you would expect from a story about a farm who is straddling the Arctic Circle in Norway.
Check out this pretty unique album.
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