Thursday, September 9, 2021

Echo Us - The Windsong Spires (2021)

The sixth album from this US one man project.

Ethan Matthews is doing the vocals, synths and guitars himself.

He got help from a drummer and a female vocalist.

I reviewed his first two albums and then lost contact with his creative outputs and albums. That is.... until this album.

The music here is a mix of ambient music and progressive rock. 

The music and Ethan Matthews reminds me a lot about Mike Oldfield. That is the best reference I can find. That is; Mike Oldfield's five first albums minus Tubular Bells.

The music is ambient and a bit too ambient.

There is not much going on here and I am not won over. Mostly because the quality is simply not here

Those into ambient music may lap up this album. I am not.

2 points

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