Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Chalibaude - Les Noces du Papillon (1976)


The one and only album from this French band.

The band was a quintet with a lineup of drums, percussion, bass, banjo, guitars, violin, crumhorn, flute, dulcimer, piano and vocals.

This is another band from the 1970s who has never got the attention it deserve. A shame, really.

Their music is somewhere between French folk rock and French symphonic prog.

It has to be said most of this is French folk rock. But there is still some hints of the likes of Ange in their music.

The French vocals is really good and the various instruments is good too. Both the sound and the album art-work is cool too.

The songs are vocals based, but the instruments is still getting plenty of space to shine.

This half an hour long album is a good album and one to really seek out if progressive folk rock is your thing. 

3 points



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