Friday, January 7, 2022

Oldfield. Mike - Islands (1987)

The 12th album from this British artist.

Mike Oldfield did the drums, percussion, bass, guitars, synths and keyboards himself.

He had various guests who contributed drums, percussion, vibraphone, bass, woodwinds, flute, synths, keyboards, guitars and vocals.

The vocalists was Anita Hegerland, Bonnie Tyler, Kevin Ayers, Jim Price and Kevin Bacon.

The 1980s was here and Mike Oldfield was as per usual trying to blend in the soundscape he created in the 1970s with the sound of the times. 

We get some good stuff from Mike Oldfields own world..... and then a lot of pop music delivered as songs with various vocalists.

None of the songs are good.

There is still Mike Oldfield's own music away from the songs that I find valuable and good. 

This album is a mixed bag and more decent than good. Nevertheless.....

2.5 points



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