Monday, December 27, 2021

Salander - Stendec (2014)

The third album from this British duo.

The duo is Dave Curnow (Lead Guitars, Rhythm Guitars, Bowed Guitar, Vocals) and Dave Smith (Keyboards, Acoustic Guitars, Rhythm Guitars, Bass, Drum Programming, Vocals).

I was not happy about the debut album at all and I bypassed their second album.

Hence... I am now on their third album. The fourth album will be reviewed later this winter.

The band has dropped the hiphop and the ambient stuff.

What we get is more of a melodic, still slightly symphonic neo-prog.

There is a lot of very tasty guitar solos here too. The band has been listening to Pink Floyd.... a lot.

That is not a bad thing. The slightly bad thing is the vocals. But I have heard and tolerated a lot worse vocals than this one.

The result is one hour with good neo-prog. An hour well worth giving this album.... and I guess this album will soon win you over.

Check out this good album.

3 points





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