Saturday, November 13, 2021

Siani. Paolo & Nuova Idea - Faces With No Traces (2016)

The second album from this Italian drummer.

Paolo Siani did the drums here and has got support from guitars, bass, organ, synths, piano, keyboards, mellotron, strings, woodwinds and vocals.

Paolo Siani was a member of the Italian RPI band Nuova Idea before he released the first solo album in 2010. He followed up Faces With No Traces with an album in 2019 too.

There is no RPI on this album at all.

Instead, we get some kind of art rock with some funk and rock'n'roll influences. 

The music is pretty commercial. It still got a few interesting details.

The vocals are in English, performed by several different vocalists. 

This is a decent album, with the exception of a rockabilly song which feels totally out of tune with the rest of the album. A pretty abysmal bad song it is, too.

I am not won over by this album. Nevertheless, it is a decent enough album.

2 points

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