Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Ozric Tentacles - The Bits Between the Bits (1989)

The fifth album from this band from England.

The band was an eight piece big band with a lineup of drums, percussion, bass, guitars, keyboards, synths, flute and sampling.

I forgot to read the notes on this album before I started to review it. Only when starting to get my thoughts together, I found out that this was a studio left-over album covering 1985 - 89.

It is not their best pieces in other words.

We still get lots of Hawkwind type of space rock. 

The music is really, really in the outer space on this album. There is some psych here too, but most of this one hour long album is somewhere in outer space.

The guitars are pretty dirty and the synths are balancing that up with some weirdo happy sounds.

This is not the band from their best side and this album is lacking in quality.

It is a decent enough album and just that. It is still worth a listen or two for the space cadets.

2 points




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