Sunday, April 17, 2022

Yak - Journey of the Yak (2008)

The third album from this band from England.

The band is a trio with a lineup of drums, bass and keyboards.

I was not a big fan of the debut album and I have yet to find a copy of their second album. So I am jumping straight to this album and later..... their fourth album.

Instrumental prog is what has been put on the plate in the front of me.

The music is somewhere between Camel and ELP. Not so classical music improvised as ELP and not so fusion orientated as Camel.

This is pretty much what symphonic prog is about, with the vocals removed.

The melodies are soaring and well into the skies, high above the earth. 

The music is keyboards based with some piano adding a lot of acoustic sound to the music too. The organs gives the music a nice 1970s feel. 

The music is surprisingly organic. Very organic, in fact.

This is indeed a good album and one to check out if symphonic prog makes your boat float.

3 points

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