Friday, May 6, 2022

Oldfield. Mike - The Songs Of Distant Earth (1994)

The 17th album from this English artist.

Mike Oldfield does the guitars, synths and samples here.

He is supported by numerous other musicians who provides tablas, percussion, keyboards, programming and vocals.

A lot of samples also contributes to this album.

Mike Olfield has released a lot of ambient world music albums. Albums that sends listener to sleep or to peace.

This album is one of them.

He is briefly touching into Tubular Bells here before he gives us some sampled and added female vocals.

It is nice and not offensive. It is somewhere between music and sleepy noises.

That is the meaning about this album.

The music and noise here is not bad at all. It is somewhere between decent and good. I quite like this album. Nevertheless, it is not an album who should be reviewed or taken as anything else than background noise for a nice, fitful sleep.

2.5 points



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