Monday, August 2, 2021

Pohjola. Pekka - Changing Waters (1992)

The eleventh album from this Finnish artist.

Pekka Pohjola did the bass and some synths himself. 

He was supported by some musicians who provided drums, bass, guitars, strings and keyboards.

I did not review the Sinfonia # 1 as it is a classical music album. I feel totally out of my dept there and has moved to this album instead.

The music on Changing Waters is a mix of progressive rock and fusion.

There is a lot of movie soundtrack like music here too. And there is some classical music too.

The quality is pretty poor. Only the last ten-fifteen minutes is decent. The rest is very poor.

This album sounds like a run-of-the-mill album and not really an album from someone who cares.

Hence my lack of enthusiasm for this album.

1.5 points

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