Wednesday, June 22, 2022

King of Agogik - From A To A (2011)

The fourth album from this German one-man band.

King Of Agogik is Hans Jorg Scmitz on drums, bass, guitars and keyboards.

He had help from a large amount of guests who provided bass, chapman stick, guitars, oboe, saxophone, flutes, keyboards, mellotron and voices.

This is my first meeting with what I thought was a proper neo-prog band. I quite like neo-prog so I got two of their albums. A review of my second purchase will follow later this summer.

I was wrong when I thought this album was a neo-prog album. Mislead, no less.

This album is almost eighty minutes long.

It is eighty minutes with short neo-classical soundbites and melodies. These soundbites has got some hard rock and hard prog treatment.

It is still soundbites which has been taken from various places. 

It is barely proper music and most of it makes no sense. The quality is therefore pretty poor.

It is by all means a turkey. Hence it's inclusion in my fine collection of turkeys.

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