Sunday, November 14, 2021

Oldfield. Mike - Crises (1983)

The ninth album from this British artist/legend.

Mike Oldfield did all the electronics, strings, keyboards and synths himself. He also did vocals on the opening title track.

He had help from some other musicians who did drums, percussion, vibraphone, bass, guitars and vocals. The vocalists was Maggie Reilly, Roger Chapman and Jon Anderson.

Mike Oldfield continued his career into the 1980s with this album. A break with previous albums.

We get a game in two halves here. First the title-track, a twenty minutes long piece of music which is rather good. It has some new-wave punk and 1980s electronica.

That track is followed by probably his biggest ever hit, and a proof that Mike Oldfield could write short catchy songs too. I am off course talking about Moonlight Shadow. It is performed by Maggie Reilly and it is a very good song.

The rest of the album is not on par with the two first pieces of music.

This is though a good album and one well worth checking out. It has a lot to offer to everyone.

3 points



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