Thursday, September 23, 2021

Wallisch. Nick - Awakening (2021)

The debut album from this musician from Texas, USA.

Nick Wallisch does the drums, percussion, bass, guitars, piano, organ, synths, penny whistle, ukulele and vocals himself.

He got help from some friends who added horns, bass, guitars, piano and organ.

Nick Wallisch has been around the Austin, Texas scene for a long time before he finally recorded and released an album through Bandcamp.

The music is rock and pop.... more or less. Add some art rock too and a lot of the 1970s rock. 

There is also a lot of Americana in the music too. That is what the Austin scene is famous for and that is what we get here.

The music is songs based and some of it is fairly good. Some of it falls a bit flat on it's face too.

The end result is a fairly decent album who will not appeal to many prog rock fans. I got it so I have reviewed it. Hence this review.

2 points



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