Sunday, September 19, 2021

Nine Skies - 5.20 (2021)

The third album from this French band.

The band was a nine piece big band on this album with a lineup of drums, percussion, bass, guitars, mandolin, violin, saxophones, keyboards and vocals.

Guests like Steve Hackett, his brother John Hackett, Damien Wilson and two other musicians added guitars, flute, vocals, violin, viola and cello.

This French band has managed to establish themselves as one of the best and most interesting bands in the neo-prog genre. 

Their take on neo-prog is a mix of folk rock and symphonic prog. There is also a lot of art rock in their music. A good references is Marillion. Genesis and Ange is also good references.

The music is rather gentle and lyrical instead of bombastic and bold. 

There is a nice mix of acoustic and electric instruments here. Mostly acoustic instruments, it has to be said.

The vocals are really good and some of the melodies is approaching superb.

This fifty minutes long album is surely one of the best albums of the year and the band has delivered on the promises of greatness the two first albums hinted about. 

This is a great album, indeed.

4 points

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