Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Pohjola. Pekka - Views (2001)

The 13th album from this artist from Finland.

Pekka Pohjola played bass and keyboards here.

He had help from an orchestra, drummer, bassist, vocalist and guitarist.

This is the next to final Pekka Pohjola album before he sadly passed away in November 2008. 

He has left us with a treasure trove of albums. Not all of them are good in my opinion. Then again, that is my opinion. I am sure he has got many fans and will get many more fans when people discover his albums and his work.

Views is a more lyrical, laid back album with a lot of classical music inspired cinematic music. There is also a couple of songs here. One of them is a funky, jazzy song.

Most of the stuff is cinematic though.

I do not rate this as a good album as it has some pretty dull stuff and melodies. It is a decent album though. It is not one of his best albums, though.

2 points


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