Thursday, March 31, 2022

Kanaan - Odense Sessions (2020)

The second album from this Norwegian trio.

The trio has a lineup of bass, drums and guitars.

A guest adds additional guitars on a couple of tracks.

I very much liked their debut album and gave it a good review in # 2 of this blog. This was back in January 2019. Their debut album Windborne was released in 2018.

I will now do reviews of their other studio albums.

Odense Session has been recorded in a studio and it is not a live album as I first feared.

The music is a hard and bold mix of psych, space rock and jazz. It is type of music that suits the trio format.

O boy does Kanaan makes a lot of noise on this album. Intelligent noise and music that you can both listen to and really move your body to. This music leaves no prisoner and is hard, hard and monumental.

The music is also very good and this band is becoming one of those bands I am really into now. Reviews of their two newer album will follow in the coming weeks.

3.5 points

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