Sunday, May 15, 2022

Enid. The - Arise And Shine (2009)

The 15th album from this English band.

The band was a quartet with a lineup of drums, percussion, bass, guitars, keyboards and programming.

The Enid is a band who has created their own genre somewhere between symphonic prog and classical music. Just as Karfagen from Ukraine has done.

The music on this seventy minutes long album is majestic and epic.

It is also pretty bombastic and very melodic.

The fusion between classical music and symphonic prog is working very well here and most of this album is working very well.

The music is also pretty romantic and flowery.

There is some good guitar solos on this album too.

This album is one of their best albums and it is indeed a very good album.

This is an album you should have from The Enid.

3.5 points




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