Monday, January 10, 2022

Conta. Michele - Endless Nights (2019)


The debut album from this Italian artist.

Michele Conta does the keyboards and piano here.

He has got support from numerous guests who provides drums, bass, guitars, cello, strings and vocals.

Michele Conta was the keyboardist in Locanda Delle Fate, a legendary RPI band. Their music was pretty light and melodic RPI bordering to pop music.

Endless Nights sees him moving even further towards pop and rock.

There are still a lot of prog here too. But the music is light and piano based.  

There is not much interesting details here and the vocals are OK'ish. 

This album is forty minutes long and parts of it is good and most parts of it is decent.

I am not overly impressed by this album.

2.5 points



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