Saturday, January 1, 2022

Kalugin. Antony - Chameleon Shapeshifter (2021)

The sixth solo-album from this artist from Ukraine.

Antony Kalugin does the programming, guitars, keyboards, percussion and vocals himself.

He has got help from around ten guest musicians who has added drums, bass, guitars, saxophones, flutes, accordion and vocals. 

Antony Kalugin has released a considerable amount of albums through his band Karfagen or as solo during the Covid pandemic. Off course by respecting the Covid rules.

The quality on the previous albums has been high. Surprisingly high. 

I have been wondering if the barrel of good songs and music one day would be barren and that he would release a sub-standard album. By his high standards, anyway.

This album gives us three quarters of an hour with mostly symphonic prog. There is a musical vocal track here performed mostly by a female vocalist.

The quality is not as good as on previous albums. The music is mostly wishy-washy and pretty dull. There is no good piece of music here.

The result is a decent album, though. 

This is not the maestro from Ukraine's finest hour.

2 points



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