Thursday, December 2, 2021

Oldfield. Mike - Discovery (1984)

The 10th album from this British artist.

Mike Oldfield plays all guitars, bass, synths, drum machine, samplers and mandolin himself.

He got help from a drummer and a male and a female vocalist.

I liked his previous albums. But I was also aware of him now moving into a much more commercial 1980s sounds landscape. 

That is one of my least favourite landscapes and a type of landscape I am trying hard to avoid entering into.

Maggie Reilly does a great job. The same cannot be said about the Triumvirat vocalist Barry Palmer. Simon Phillips on drums does a good job.

The same goes for Mike Oldfield when he is letting himself loose on some more keltic sounding new age music. That and Maggie Reilly's vocals is the only acceptable parts of this album.

That elevates this album to a decent status. An album that I cannot recommend.

2 points




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