Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Miller. Rick - Windhaven (1987)

The third album from this artist from Canada.

Rick Miller does all the guitars and synths on this album.

I have got a handful of his albums for review this year, starting with a cassette-album most seems to have forgotten. But Discogs and himself regards this as one of his albums.

Rick Miller started out as a ambient electro artist before he changed to a more prog rock artist from 2009 and onwards.

He got a minor hit in 1984 with his first album and song Starsong. A song and album I have never heard.

This album has nothing good or even decent going for it. It is ambient music and it does not have much value.

I think I understand why this cassette never saw a re-release on CD. The music is too bad and should be forgotten.

It is a turkey.

1 point

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