Monday, September 6, 2021

Shock. Bobby - Street Angels (2021)

The 5th or so album from this US bassist.

Bobby Shock plays bass, guitars, piano and synths here. He is also the main vocalist.

He got help from a drummer, a trumpet player, synth player, guitarist, a moog player and a vocalist on this album.

Bobby Shock is from New Jersey and he has releases singles and albums through his Bandcamp page.

I got this album emailed to me for review and is therefore duly reviewing this album.

His music is somewhere between rock, art-rock and neo-prog. 

The title track is twenty minutes long. The other four songs are around three to seven minutes long.

The music is melodic and....... American brash and bold.

The quality is decent enough but I am not that impressed by this album. Check out his Bandcamp page for, I guess, better albums than this one.

2 points




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