Thursday, May 26, 2022

Project Creation - Dawn On Pyther (2007)

The second and final album from this band from Portugal.

Project Creation was Hugo Flores on samples, synths, guitars, bass and vocals.

He had help from ten guest musicians who provided drums, woodwinds, saxophones, percussion, guitars and female vocals.

I was not won over by the 2005 debut album Floating World. A seventy minutes long opus somewhere between progressive metal, goth and musicals.

The band returns again with exactly the same, plus five additional minutes, on Dawn On Pyther.

There is more of musicals and sugary progressive metal on this album. A rock opera, no less.

Which is fine for me if the songs were any good.

The female vocals are good and the music is intricate and bombastic.

There is not much good stuff on this album.

The end result is again somewhere between decent and good. 

Check out both their albums if this sounds like your music. I am not a fan.

2.5 points

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