Friday, February 4, 2022

Arlekin - The Secret Garden (2021)

The second album from this one-man-band from Ukraine.

The band is Igor Syderenko on bass, guitars, keyboards and vocals.

He got help from three guests who provided drums, piano and flutes.

I did not expect a new Arlekin album after the release of the 2014 opus Disguised Serenades. But I was thankfully wrong.

We are again bang in the middle of the neo-prog land again. 

His version of neo-prog is very close to Genesis. Genesis at their best moments. 

The vocals are vibrato as in Peter Gabriel's vocals and the music is really melodic. 

The music is very poppy and simplistic at times. Too easy solutions are chosen in too many places. Nevertheless, this forty minutes long album has some very good vocals and a lot of interesting details.

It is indeed a good album and one to check out. Let's hope for another album next year or so. 

3 points

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