Saturday, April 9, 2022

Ghosts of Jupiter - The Great Bright Horses (2016)

The second album from this band from USA.

The band is a quintet with a lineup of drums, bass, guitars, keyboards, flute and vocals.

I am not a fan of their debut album. It had some good ideas but it sorely lacked in the quality department.

The band has returned again with their take on psych rock.

That is psych rock with a lot of Americana, west coast and New York folk rock influences. There are also some South Asian influences here. 

In the bottom of the grooves and the melody can we find obvious The Beatles influences.

... and some really good melodies.

The band has taken a big step in the right direction on this album. 

The music is a lot better with a very good soundscape. The band sounds tighter and there is a lot of brain feeding details here. 

The result is a very good album and one album well worth checking out. 

3.5 points

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