Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Morse. Neal - Testimony (2003)

The third album from this artist from USA.

Neal Morse did the organ, synths, piano, guitars and vocals himself.

He got help from numerous friends who added drums, bass, woodwinds, guitars, viola, violin, cello, flute and backing vocals.

I have got hold of more than ten of his albums which I will review over the coming months. I will avoid the praise worship albums and stick to his progressive rock albums.

I have not managed to get hold of his first two albums so this double album, two hours long album, is the first of many albums I will review.

Neal Morse had left Spock's Beard after finding God. As he sings himself on this album.... rock music and the rock scene was nothing for him. It was just emptiness.

... So he rejoined this scene not so long after he sung and recorded those words on Testimony.....

This two album is a bit preaching. But that is his solo career and I respect that. 

The music is a mix of Spock's Beard, The Beatles and art rock.

The music is mostly great with some great symphonic prog throughout. 

The end result is a great album and one of the best symphonic prog albums this century.

I am really looking forward to reviewing the rest of his albums.

4 points



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