Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Oldfield. Mike - Earth Moving (1989)

The 13th album from this British artist.

Mike Oldfield played guitars, synth guitars, synths and computers on this album.

He got help from numerous other musicians on drums, percussion, bass, woodwinds, clavinet, harps, strings and vocals.

Mike Oldfield thought it was a good idea to record and release a pop album with the typical 1980s sound and pop music.

He hired in numerous vocalists to get this album right. The guest musicians gave him this sound. 

The result is an album so mired in the 1980s that it is best served as a museum piece and not a piece of music anyone would listen to in 2022.

The quality of the pop here is absolute abysmal too.

I cannot find anything good to say about this horror of all horrors.

It is a turkey, indeed. 

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