Saturday, January 22, 2022

Hairless Monk - The Ether Whale (2021)

The fifth album or so from this one man band from USA.

The band is Jacob Willenborg on programming, drums, bass, guitars and synths.

This and his other albums has been released through Bandcamp. 

I normally do not get any good feelings when I spot that my new review project is a Bandcamp one man band album. The result is normally not so good.

Hairless Monk gives us a mix of stoner rock and space rock. Add krautrock too and you get this album.

That normally means a barren landscape without many variations.

That is not the case when it comes to this album. There is many moods and sounds on this album. The music is not very varied, but the variations and the changes of vibes is there. There and pretty much loud and clear.

The music is muddy guitars lead. There is also a lot of bass here with some subtle keyboards too.

The music is good too. This is indeed one of the better one man bands I have encountered and this album should be checked out.

3 points



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